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le métro
Le métro:
une gallerie
Publication Design
Concept design, layout design and information research

The goal of this project was to create a commemorative cultural brochure about public art commissioned for Montreal’s main system of transportation, the metro. 2021 marks 55 years of Montreal’s metro and the brochure would honor the artworks spread across the many stations of the metro.

My mission is to design an informative, conceptual and aesthetic booklet with a unique and original layout design. I have decided to give this brochure a similar approach to an art catalog and have analyzed every single artwork thoroughly in order to have the best visuals.
Montreal’s Metro system has been active for a long time and I can’t imagine my life without it. It has become an important lifestyle to many people’s lives and it has helped many people who don’t own cars, travel far to arrive at their destination.

There are a total of 68 stations that span across Montreal island and which includes numerous artworks from countless artists and architects in each station. The catalogue’s image layout and size was placed in order of importance and with organized information, I wanted to create a fun brochure that breaks the norms of what an informative booklet should be. I wanted something that screams “I am not just any catalogue, i am art itself!”.
Image of "Le Metro: Une Gallerie D"art" slanted
Image of "Le Metro: Une Gallerie D"art" open upside down
Image of "Le Metro: Une Gallerie D"art" open
Image of "Le Metro: Une Gallerie D"art" back and front cover spread
After numerous exploration, I have settled down with a layout that would fit the concept I was going for: "Simple but fun". This is a book about art so I made sure the images are the main element of the book and by reducing the number of pages to around 190 pages, it allowed the readers to read at ease and more quickly.

I didn't include too much colors in the spreads, to not overpower the images and kept the colors minimal and that follows the metro's line colors.
Image of "Le Metro: Une Gallerie D"art" spreads 1
Image of "Le Metro: Une Gallerie D"art" spreads 2
Image of "Le Metro: Une Gallerie D"art" spreads 3
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une gallerie d'art
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