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Information design and publication design
Cover, spreads design, data
and graph design
The goal of this project was to collect all of the data revolving around my sleep, eating, exercising and cooking habits, affected by the covid-19 pandemic and present into a little booklet. The goal of this project was to observe the changes in lifestyle of a person affected by a pandemic. To achieve this goal, I had to recollect 13 weeks worth of data, and design graphs that represent those numbers in an interesting and legible way. Playing with shapes and lines, I had to push my creative boundaries far, in order to make something unique.
This exercise allowed me to see a progression/ change of my lifestyle and it allowed me to see how the pandemic has affected me personally. I named the book “SH*T HAPPENS, DEAL WITH IT”, because as the title describes it, life doesn't always go the way you expect it to be, so we have to adapt to what life throws at us, no matter how shitty things could be.
Image of "Shit Happens Deal With It" Booklet piled up on top
"Shit Happens Deal With It" Booklet open backward
The final result of this project consists of a 7 spread booklet, designed to match my personality. The spreads are separated in 4 colors to add personality and liveliness to the all grey scale graphs. The back cover of the booklet has my icon design on it to really add my own touch and personality to it.

During the pandemic, I have learned a lot and have adapted to new lifestyles. Life is very unexpected and you can not predict what will hit you.
Video of spreads from the booklet "SH*T HAPPENS DEAL WITH IT"
Image of "Le Metro: Une Gallerie D"art" spreads 1
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bockhotel william gray+1Le métro:
une gallerie d'art
all encoressh*t happens.
deal with it.
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