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Publication Design
Concept brainstorming, concept design, book cover design, spine and layout design
The goal of this project was to design a book for artist John Bock. I had to design a large format hardcover book for print and then followed up by applying that design to a mobile device, like an iPad. This book’s design (dress and layout) would have to reflect the artist’s style.

The challenge of this project was to try to understand John Bock as much as i can and to understand him at a personal level. By doing lots of research, I was able to design and complete the book.
John Bock is a German artist known for his creative and captivating performances. He performs using language alongside his art to tell innovating stories. He believes in the focus and the connection with the art that is created between object and recipient. His art isn't complete without an audience. He uses everyday items, like egg shells, Pringles containers, strings, pasta and much more to create forms and sculptures that differs in sizes to create an experience for both him and the audience.

I wanted to create a book that would really reflect his style and his spontaneous way of working. I wanted to create a contrasting layout which shows off the unexpected and abnormal, but also the structured. Nothing about his work is planned or structured and that was the direction I was going for.
Image of "BOCK" book
i believe in
the focus and the connection between object and recipient.
Image of "BOCK" book
Spreads of the book "BOCK" 1
At first glance, you will probably think to yourself “this is just a normal book”, but then you see elements that will surprise you all of a sudden. The element of surprise is very present and this book will surely captivate the attention of the readers, just like how John Bock does it!
Image of "BOCK" book
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