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Poster Design
Concept research, typography, color research, poster design

The goal of this project was to design and prepare a concert poster  for artist Nils Frahm’s album “All Encores”. The event would be held at the Society of Arts and Technology. I carefully analyzed every song present in the album and with lots of exploration, I have picked the best medium to reinterpret sound into something visual.

The challenge of this project is to understand the artist and his works and to better connect with his way of thinking. Research by itself wasn't enough, therefore to better understand his album “All Encores”, I had to experience it by listening to it on repeat continuously
Nils Frahm’s album “All Encores” is a full length release encompassing his three previous albums (his encores). All three encores consist of three different moods, the first encore focuses on an acoustic pallet of sounds with solo piano and harmonium at the core. Encore 2 explored more ambient landscapes and the third encore focuses more on electronic elements.

All three encores might have different tones but they all work together harmoniously. They all had music elements that kept me continuously curious and every sound felt both familiar and new to me. Listening to these songs were more than just listening to sounds, it was an experience. I had to find a medium that would perfectly capture the unison of those three characters. The solution I came up with was to showcase three distinct colors creating a splash that would symbolize movement and mixture.
Image of "BOCK" book
"All Encores" Poster image
"All Encores" Poster image with white borders
"All Encores" Poster image in the streets
After numerous explorations, the chosen idea was to use colored ink and alcohol to create amazing movements and color blends. This medium was the perfect choice because it captured the beauty and flow of the songs. A color inverse version was created during the design process and makes the poster possible in both black and white backgrounds.
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