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poster 2021
Poster Design
Concept research, typography and color research, poster design
The goal of this project was to design and prepare a poster for the 2021 Dawson Graphic Design Graduation Exhibition. This A3 size poster represents the evolution from students to real professionals.

The challenge of this project is to understand and explore different techniques in design in order to conceptualize an idea that will represent not only one student, but the graphic design program as a whole.
During the 3 years of training, the students have gone through a lot collectively and towards the end of this program, we have all earned a “+1.” The “+1” is a strong element of the design that symbolizes a progression as well as an evolution (level up). Finishing and graduating during a pandemic is not easy and all the hardships have shaped us to what we are today. That is why we have all gone through a +1!

The main idea was to use typography and colors only. The element of “+1” is so strong on it’s own, that no other element is required. With strong typographic application and color solution, the poster has a powerful meaning to it and looks visually appealing. With such a strong concept, the “+1” is no longer just a type, it is a symbolic shape, and an artistic form.
"+1" Poster image
Plus sign image
"+1" poster image with white borders
"+1" poster on the wall
This poster reflects every graphic design student’s experience and feeling, after years of hard work at school. I wanted to create a poster that will not only touch everyone, but also express the idea that we, graduating students, all share, which was; “Finally, we’ve succeeded.” This poster was selected 2nd place after a series of voting from the students and teachers of the program.
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